It has come to our attention that after the recent hacktivism made by 
Blood Sec Hackers
which had already apologize to you and even fixed what they have done. 

You promised to stop the attacks if the said group stop their attacks and apologize 
for what they did and even threatened one of the domain registry of the Philippines.
After one of the government associated website of the Philippines has been defaced this 
morning which is, You have failed to do so what you have said.

Mark this as a warning that if the attack within the websites of the PH will not be stopped, 
we have no choice but to set an all out attacks on Indonesian websites.

We do not threat you by this we just want you to know that we do know how to fightback too!
YOU ask for it! BRING IT ON! Indonoobs~ 
[ Specially you Mr. Isal Dot ID ]